This semester we re-introduced brother dates!   

Brother dates are some of the most important parts of DSP, as they allow pledges to familiarize themselves with current brothers. However, once the pledge process ends, there aren’t many opportunities for brothers to get to know each other in a one-on-one setting. Everyone has busy schedules, and most events are centered around larger group activities.

Enter brother dates! Throughout the course of the semester, bros are put into pairs with other bros who they might not talk to on a regular basis. From there, each pair is encouraged to make the “date” their own: it could be something as simple as grabbing a coffee, strolling the streets of Boston, or engaging in a friendly game of Secret Hitler. 

Here’s a list of dates that have gone down so far:

  • Krish and Hiro: Pretzels, Fifa, and Wine

  • Donna and Dennis: Oysterfest

  • Audrey, Emma, and Olivia: Brunch

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