Eric on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the definition of freedom in business: freedom to manage your schedule, freedom to pursue your passion, and freedom to make important decisions.

Eric Zhu, our current President, has been pursuing entrepreneurship for the past couple of years. It has been a dream of his to operate his own start-up and create products that can provide solutions to problems that everyday people face. To further his interests in technology and innovation, Eric will be dedicating the upcoming summer to develop his own venture, MODA.

MODA is an online platform that connects top-scale fashion influencers to consumers for the purpose of providing fashion feedback. By leveraging the fashion expertise and large following bases of influencers, MODA hopes to provide the everyday individual with access to unbiased and personalized advice. Fundamentally, the vision for MODA is to enable people to feel increasingly comfortable about their outfit choices and to ultimately drive them to achieve higher confidence in their daily lives. Stay tuned in the Fall of 2019 to hear about Eric’s progress on MODA.

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