Are you a fraternity?


Are you co-ed?

Yes! We are about equally half women and half men. Everyone is considered a "brother" because that is what the original founding members used when they described our fraternity.

Do i have to be in questrom?

No! To be in DSP Gamma you have to either be a business, economics, or hospitality major. To be considered a Business major you have to either be a freshman taking SM131 and FE101 or have completed SM131 prior to recruitment. 

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is our term for the process to accept new members. Usually recruitment involves attending 1 of 2 information sessions and 3 of our 4 individual recruitment events. 

How much of a commitment is dsp?

We have a weekly chapter meeting that is required for all members to attend. We also have different events throughout the semester and each brother has to go to a certain number of  them to reach a specified number of points.



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