GAMMA CHAPTER WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1916 AS THE THIRD CHAPTER OF DELTA SIGMA PI and is currently the oldest active chapter in the country. OUR CHAPTER CONTINUES TO GROW IN NUMBERS AND PRESENCE ON CAMPUS WITH OVER 100 BROTHERS WHO ARE ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN BU’S COMMUNITY IN AND OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM. We continue to operate under our 4 essential pillars, Professionalism, Community service, alumni, and Brotherhood. 


Pillar 1: Professionalism

In the Gamma Chapter we connect through our mutual interest in the world of business, commerce, and hospitality. A big part of our chapter is utilizing all of the skills of our experienced brothers to help the rest of the chapter and hold workshops on different skills such as, case interviewing, networking, resume and cover letter formatting, and workshops on different kinds of fields that are available for after graduation.


Pillar 2: Community Service

As our brothers graduate from Boston University we want them to enter the world with an appreciation for giving back to the community. Our VP of community service works endlessly to coordinate different community service projects for our chapter. These projects include but are not limited to, Cradles for Crayons, DSP Annual Book Drive, DSP Annual Blood Drive, Constant food drives for the local soup kitchens, Fenway Green Team, and donations to the local homeless community.

Pillar 3: Alumni

Making connections and growing a network is an essential tool for succeeding in the commercial world. Gamma chapter makes an effort every semester to stay connected with our graduated brothers who are at a variety of companies like Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, PWC, Macy's, Capital Records, Republic Records, Sony Music, Credit Suisse, Citi, Charles Schwab, General Electric, Microsoft, Kate Spade, KPMG, Sieman's, and many more.


Pillar 4: Brotherhood

One of the most important aspects of Delta Sigma Pi is maintaining our close-knit brotherhood. We frequently have chapter social events like potlucks, workout classes, movie-marathons, and formals to strengthen these relationships.